Retreat  to Bali

Join us on a 6 day, 5 night journey through feminine embodiment with women in the mountains of Bali.






Claim your feminine power.

June 3-8, 2020

  • Unplug and retreat from the outside world - give yourself the time and space to finally be. 

  • Learn the art of receiving. Share in women's circles.


  • Daily Yoga, meditation, guided embodied dance. 

  • Relax with spa treatments.

  • Bond with yourself, make new connections or share the experience with family and friends. 

  • Learn self-care and self-love rituals. 

  • Embody Goddess archetypes to explore your own expression. 

  • Spend time in the untouched mountains of Bali to experience the true Bali life. 

  • Feel the healing power of pure water straight from the source. Bathe in the waterfall and soak in the flowing streams. 

June 3-8, 2020

What's included

  • Free time to play, explore and rest. 

  • Fresh Plant-based meals and snacks each day (food is permaculture grown on-site) 

  • Daily Yoga, meditation, dance.

  • 1-hour Balinese healing massage

  • Women's circle sessions, sharing, rituals. 

  • Learn self-care and self-love rituals. 

  • Ricefield and jungle walks.  

  • Swim in the fresh stream, natural pool, and on-site private waterfall. 

  • Fresh mountain water to drink - direct from the mountain spring. 

  • Exclusive stay at the venue with no one else but US!



Shared Bungalow: 1600




Private Bungalow: 1800*

*Limited availability

Prices in USD

You are eligible for an extra discount as a gift for allowing us to be on your motherland. Reach out for the local Indonesian price.

Local Indonesians


Bali Eco Stay

This secluded oasis in the mountains is a private retreat space in one of the most beautiful and untouched places on this island, Mt. Batukaru. 

Nestled halfway up the mountain range, Bali Eco Stay was created and is owned by an Australian couple passionate about ecological sustainability. 

Hydroelectricity powers Bali Eco Stay, harnessed from the waterfall that is just minutes walk from the bungalows. This waterfall you can bathe in daily and is fed from the same mountain spring water that you'll shower in, you can also drink this pure water straight from the tap - a rarity in Bali!

Your retreat leader, Shae, lived on this Eco Resort for close to 2 years when she first came to Bali, and this staff is like family, and the location like home. 

You'll be embraced with open arms and that warm Balinese smile so you too feel at home the moment you arrive. 

With a giant swing, fresh gardens, spring water stream, walking tracks, waterfall, yoga shala and abundance of beautiful gardens right there for you to experience, we'll have everything we need - and more - to retreat from the world to return to the simple awe of being. 


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Shae Eloise

Shae Eloise is a feminine guide, writer, and previously a yoga teacher at the renowned international yoga studio in Ubud, Bali, 'Radiantly Alive.'

She's been living in Bali for 5 years - the first couple of years she experienced life at Bali Eco Stay, living on this mountain oasis and bathing in the rich healing that this unique and remote part of this island offers. 

This is why she chose this location for our experience to shares this space with you,  knowing deep in her cells the effect that this incredible land and healing mountain spring water can create. 

From her own healing journey through mental and physical illness, Bali offered her the foundation to rest and replenish her soul, with yoga, mindfulness, and meditation connecting her back to spirit. 

Shae's deepest desire is to help to guide other women like her, who are yearning for a place to rest, slow down, and connect back to our intuitive wisdom as feminine beings, so that we come back out into the world fully expressed. 

Shae's candid sharing of her tumultuous past leading to extensive self-work enables her to guide from a loving and heart, holding space with compassion and understanding.