The Grounded Goddess Immersion

A 10-week private 1-1 online experience

For the woman who is ready to feel grounded in her power, rooted in love. 

For the woman who is ready to explore her feminine energy in real-world, practical ways.

This is Goddess Archetype work with a difference.

We simply use Goddess imagery and language in a way where this narrative can help you understand yourself more deeply to take practical action from clear decisions in your life.

Your connection to your intuition will strengthen.

You'll feel more inspired & aligned with your mission.

Your relationships will flourish & deepen.

It's a little less 'woo-woo' and a little more 'here & now.'


Because we are living in this world, in a human body, so let's become a grounded goddess, as we walk this earth.

Why this is 'Grounded' Work



The Goddesses are not separate from you. They are not an image that we need to try to ‘match’ They are you - they are energies that each one of us, as women, already hold within us, yet may not be fully expressed. 


Through the support of personal coaching with Shae, you’ll know your feminine essence like never before.


Root back into your intuition, your truth, your desires for your life, and your playful, soft, strong, flowing essence.


This is a personal one-to-one experience, where all calls are just YOU and ME, and your goddess work is personally crafted for your specific desires, needs and life context.


I’ve seen how this work can transform lives, and felt it myself, and I’m so excited for it to propel you to more power, passion, peace, and play in life!

All the details below


"I can't believe I'm nearly at the end of the immersion! I have loved it so much & have definitely felt some major shifts & feel like there's so much more to continue exploring."

"I really claimed my goddesses. I have never felt so true, so real, so awake... I feel like part of me has come alive for the first time in maybe my entire life. THANK YOU and wow."

"I am so loving all of this, thank you for allowing me to be part of this. I can't believe how much things have changed and grown for me already."

What You'll Receive

  • Total 10 hours of personal 1-1 coaching with Shae.

  • Assignments for each goddess energy.

  • Downloadable meditations, and information booklets on Goddess archetypes.

  • Discounted package price for personal ongoing coaching with Shae after the immersion. 

  • A special price for one of our Claiming Feminine Retreats in Bali 2021.

Want a taste?

"It takes more than words to describe Shae's endless positivity, support, talents, delicacy, perseverance, strength, bubbly energy and her ever so inspiring nature! She embodies the best of both worlds - softness and strength, action and rest, self care and support- never fails to deliver and always open to receive.


All that deep self-work ripples throughout everything she does, shining from within as  the sweetest form of wisdom." - Vanessa

The Course Flow

Claiming Shakti

Week 1

Reach out to see if there's currently availability for you to begin.

Introduction into Shakti energy and the Goddesses

This will be the foundation for your goddess work in the proceeding weeks.

Our initial consultation will assess your current life circumstance and your unique desires for the immersion.


You’ll then dive into the 4 Goddess Archetypes that you’ll explore in the immersion: Saraswati, Durga, Kali, and Lakshmi.

Claiming Saraswati

Week 2 & 3

The Goddess of Intuition and Creativity

Explore your connection to the ‘divine’ - whatever that means to you, and tap into the source of knowing beyond mind.

Learn daily practices to connect with intuition, and understand how feminine wisdom and ‘knowing’ works.

Explore how to flow through life in the energy of curiosity, and allow your creativity to lead you to new ideas, decisions and circumstances.


Move away from self-doubt and ‘rigidity’ of thinking, and have reverence and awe for life.

Claiming Durga

Week 4 & 5

The Earth Warrior Goddess

Durga is a warrior woman, standing up and speaking out for love.

After anchoring into your truth in Saraswati, learn how to remove blockages of expression by connecting with your voice and speaking up for what you need, want, and feel is right.

Durga energy is about empowerment, setting boundaries and being clear in who you are and what you want.


Move past insecurity around asking for what you need and want in life, and realise that speaking up for yourself can be done both with power, and deep love.

Claiming Kali

Week 6 & 7

The Goddess of Death and Rebirth

Kali is intense, fierce, and a little scary. Though she is not to be feared, for the endings that come in Kali energy and making space for a rebirth of new beginnings and transformation.

Learn how to make peace with change, and understand that the essential nature of life and death is always working for our highest good.

Explore which areas in your life, or within yourself, need to use your Kali power to ‘cut the cords’ and finally release what you’ve been carrying for too long.

This is where you may finally let go of that role, job, relationship, or any other system that you know, deep down, is ready to end.


There is incredible space and peace felt from these Kali decisions, supported by Durga truth expression and Saraswati intuition.

Claiming Lakshmi

Week 8 & 9

The Goddess of Abundance and Sensuality

Lakshmi is all about taking pleasure in life, and having gratitude for the wealth that you already have.

Learn how to invite more abundance into your life by working through insecurities or fears of ‘not enough’ in all areas - finance, love, joy.

Explore where you have been repressing your desires to be seen and witnessed in your unique beauty, and learn how beauty is a feeling, not an image.

You will feel radiant, full, and totally ready to GLOW out into the world in your fully embodied Goddess that you are.

Week 10

Claiming You

Finally, a week of integration to anchor the learnings & reflect on how far you've come.


The 10-week immersion is $688 USD.

*The total value of the immersion including calls, meditations, savings on future work = more than. $1600.


Please Note:

There is limited space available for Shae to run immersion, only working with 2 clients max. at a time.

Payment plans are available.

Shae can discuss with you what can be done.

Are you waiting to feel claimed?

Who you are waiting for is actually yourself.

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