I'm Shae, and I'm delighted to share with you this powerful work. 

Now more then ever, the world needs more women rising up. 

More women stepping into their full potential as expressive, intuitive,

wise and powerful beings.

That is our birthright. 

This is who we are, at essence - powerful and expressive, not small and locked down.

Claiming Feminine is about connecting to this essence and learning how to express it, your unique way.

I'm here to help guide the way.

I know what it is like to repress my feminine. To be closed, confused, and seeking something more. 

I know what it is like to repress my feminine. To be closed, confused, and seeking something more. 

My healing journey from mental and physical illness is what let me to end my 'past life' of attempting to please others and succeed in what was expected of me, leave it all behind, move to Bali and immerse myself into mindfulness and feminine arts.


Now I am sharing this powerful work with other women. 

I went through the muck to get there. I was challenged, in pain, confused and shut off.

In my early adult life, I developed a mental illness in an eating and over-exercise disorder brought about by unexpressed grief at the loss of my mother, as well as other unresolved traumas that I never really allowed myself to feel. 

This loss, pain, and heartbreak were the catalysts for transformation.

There are so many paths to peace and healing. Mine was steeped in practices of mindfulness, creativity, art, writing, dance and speaking out and sharing with others. I practiced every day. I learned the tools to shift limiting beliefs, release stagnant energy, find healthy ways to feel and express emotion, and listen to my intuition to make empowered and creative decisions for my life.

Slowly, in time, watered by the rituals and practices, I began to open, flourish and more and more reveal my vibrancy. 

In essence, my journey was like the blooming of a flower.

With the warmth of supportive sisters around me as I connected with other women, I began to see more clearly the power of how we, as women, have the power to heal ourselves, others and the world. 

We tap into this power through owning our voices, hearing and expressing own unique wisdom, flowing with life, rather than fighting against it, and taking pleasure in our bodies, minds, and full feeling hearts. 

As I have been facilitating classes, workshops, training, and immersions in mindfulness and feminine arts here in Bali, it has become clear to me now that this journey has been one of CLAIMING MY FEMININE power, through expressing my unique essence. 

This is what I wish for you to experience. 

This is my greatest desire

To share this work with women like you, who know in their hearts that it is time. That we are ready....

To step away from our rigidity, closing off from our feelings, not expressing our voices, seeking truths that aren't our way, and following paths set before us rather than carving out our own. 

It's my greatest desire to share the tools and magic of feminine wisdom with as many women as possible, so that we can all rise up together.

Together, let's embark on the delicious, deliriously sensual, challenging task of learning how to return to our hearts, and hold them....

Holding our hearts tenderly, to express our true selves fearlessly.

Will you claim her? 

Will you let her be free? 

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