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Feminine Guidance Coaching

I work with women offering personal guidance in their journey to awaken their potential as fully embodied beings.

Together, we explore feminine arts and practices, goddess archetype energies, and other physical, mental and energetic techniques curated specifically for your desires and life context.

If you yearn for a deeper connection to your intuition and power, and you are seeking support along your journey, this is what I offer.

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"Each and every recommendation, tool, strategy, meditation, piece of guidance, etc that I received from Shae added more to my new found realization that I can be peaceful and present and happy again, and that I want to heal.


I have been lucky enough to be mentored and supported by Shae for over 2 years now, and I can honestly say that without her and her teachings I would not be alive today. Let alone have the insights and abilities and peace of mind that I now experience.

Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of Shae." - Emma

One to One Guidance Coaching

Awaken Your Power

1 Month Package


5 one-hour Video calls via Zoom

Personally-tailored meditation downloads

Email support/communication during the 1-month period

Special rate for future retreats & online courses

If you're wondering what kinds of gifts your feminine enegry can bring your life, begin with a one-month deep dive into yourself.

Over 5 calls, it'll be an immersive month where you get to focus on what's present for you, while taking these lessons and insights into your practical, everyday experience to create the radical shifts you are after. 

The 1-month option is for women who want and need support during this specific period of time. Often women who are working through shifts like breakups, relationship troubles, work changes, or other internal challenges, for example, will choose this package.

If you're simply wanting to begin your journey into feminine embodiment, or refresh with gifting yourself this space to be heard and to be guided with support, this is for you.

Ignite Your Life

3 Month Package


13 one-hour Video calls via Zoom

Personally-tailored meditation downloads

Email support/communication during the 3-month period

Special rate for future retreats & online courses

Are you ready to commit to your evolution?

Choosing the 3-month package comes from your desire to get more intimate with yourself, for a complete inner and outer life overhaul. 

Over 13 calls, we'll uncover layers of blockages to your confidence and self-expression, and dissolve insecurities that are keeping you from igniting the full-power life you want.

This option is for women who want to dedicate the time and energy to a journey of re-configuring their way of being, to claim their most vibrant, sensual, powerful, playful and aware selves. 

It will change how you show up in your relationships, your professional life, and how you move thorugh your daily life as a whole. 

Shae also creates custom packages suited to your needs. Contact Shae for more information on how to tailor this to you.

What We'll Exlpore

  • Initial consultation to determine your desires for our work together

  • How to refocus your mind and heart, the feminine way, to where you really want your energy to flow in life

  • Examine your voice of self doubt to remove it’s influence over you

  • Exercises to connect to your voice and speak your truth professional and personally

  • Practices to connect to the rhythm of your body as a woman

  • Explore what sensuality means and how to find your unique expression of sensuality 

  • How to bring more play and lightness in your life

  • Work with feminine energy in relationships and intimacy

  • Make peace with your past, and transcend your ‘story’ 

  • Compassionate exploration of judgements, beliefs and expectations - how to tame and ‘love’ the monkey mind

  • Energy clearly techniques to take into your life

  • Goddess archetype exploration of how to harness their power (which is your power) in your everyday life

  • Personally tailored Mindfulness practices (meditation, movement, eating, everyday actions…)

  • Uniquely crafted assignments and homework for consistent implementation of your insights.

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"Wow... I am lost for words and so grateful I listened to the whisper of my soul to follow you as my teacher and guru.


Your authenticity and intentions are beyond what I ever anticipated.


Thank you for holding space in the most light hearted way.


If anyone is interested in anything like this, I promise you ladies this will benefit your life in more ways than you could imagine"


- Holly

Is this for you?

Are you ready to demystify what 'feminine empowerment' means and step into your unique expression of who you are?

Are you going through transformation and need support to use this period as a launching pad to create the life you really want?

Do you wish to learn the tools to return to your heart's softness, to express your emotions, and to flow with life in more ease and joy?

Are you curious about how you can use goddess archetypes to work through areas of your life where you're unknowingly repressing your fullest expression?

Do you give so much to others, and wish to learn how to receive for yourself?

Do you find it hard to speak up in professional and personal relationships, and wish to speak your truth more clearly and powerfully, with love?

Are you feeling lost in your current life direction, second guessing your choices and looking to uncover what your heart truly desires?

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