Connect to Sisterhood

The Deep Let Go

4 Week Online Sisterhood Circle

Women, it's time to connect.

To yourself.

And to each other.

Is a unique 4-week online women's circle focused on release.

Releasing old stories.

Conditioned thoughts.

Patterned ways of being that you are ready to  repattern  and  renew.

The Deep Let Go

What is it?

  • 2 Weekly Group Video Calls.

The first call of the week is focused on group sharing & discussion around a topic where we are seen, heard & held in our truth.

The second call will be a guided feminine movement/yin yoga practice where we embody the let go deep within our cells as we pledge to release together.

  • Between calls, receive resources, meditations, and movement practices to explore in your own time.

  • Each week will be a deep dive into a specific topic, such as body acceptance, our mission in life, love & relationships, etc.


Every month!

Times/dates will be updated a few weeks before the next month. July dates are below.

Call Dates/Times for July 

All calls will be the same times:

Bali time - WITA (UTC +8) 2nd July, 7:30pm

Sydney time - AEDT (UTC +10) 2nd July, 9:30pm

London time - BST (UTC +1) 2nd July, 12:30pm 

Lyon, France time - CEST (UTC +2) 2nd July 1:30pm

Athens, Greece - EEST (UTC +3) 2nd July, 2:30pm

Queens, New York - EDT (UTC -4) 2nd July, 7:30am

Berlin, Germany - CES (UTC +2) 2nd July, 1:30pm


Call #1

2nd July

Call #2
6th July


Call #3
9th July

Call #4

13th July

Call #5

16th July

Call #6
20th July

Call #7

23rd July

Call #8

27th July

Call #9

30th July


If you cannot make every call, totally fine!! I will be recording them and will make them available for you to re-watch. Calls will be on video chat zoom and will range from 1.5 to 2 hours long.


As the current time has many of us uncertain about income, I want to offer this for a lower price than this would usually be.


$50 USD for the 4 weeks

(That's less than $2 a day, half the price of a daily coffee!)


We will have a group of 10 women maximum.

Please note that if you are not redirecting to the payment portal on your mobile device, you'll need to make the payment on desktop.

Alternatively, you can directly make the payment to my Paypal at:

Register your interest for August
(Set times are flexible to change each month to suit timezones of those interested for that period, so if the times above don't work for you, the times next month might suit you!)


July is now sold out

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