Connect to Sisterhood

4 Week Online Sisterhood Circle

Women, it's time to connect.


In this state of isolation & separation from the world as we know it, we are being called to claim our community in creative & powerful ways.


Now, more than ever, we are being called to RISE & be heard, as well as listen & support.


I truly believe the lessons we learn during this time will propel us into a new, evolved way of being with even deeper layers of connection & consideration for one another. 


I've felt the intuitive calling myself to create a space for us to dive into our inner worlds, together, in real-time. Crafting a conscious & intimate sisterhood of support.


4 Week Online Feminine Circle for 8 women to come together.

To connect & Claim our Inner Calm, so that we can transmit this energy to our greater community of friends, family, soul tribe, work & all that we come into contact with moving forward.

What is it?

  • 2 Weekly Group Video Calls (sharing & being heard in what's feeling real for your right now)

  • Guided Group Meditations & Feminine Practices 

  • Resources, Meditations & Movement practices recorded & sent to you

  • AND the opportunity to also lead & share your own calming practices with our group.


Our April circle is full.

New dates for next month will be posted soon

Register your interest for May


As the current time has many of us uncertain about income, I want to offer this for a lower price than this would usually be.


$50 USD for the 4 weeks

(That's less than $2 a day, half the price of a daily coffee!)


We will have a group of 8 women maximum.


If we cannot be together 'in person', let us feel each other & be heard & seen from afar.

This current time is asking more of us women to step up & lead, as well as support one another.


I'm here to hold space for us to do this.


To share our unique gifts & to receive the wisdom of what it means to claim our calm, no matter what is happening outside, and to be that calm anchor to others around us.

Claim your circle space

$50 USD (full payment) to reserve your spot

Stay connected with this work.

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