Connect to Sisterhood

Online sister circles

Monthly Online Sisterhood Circle

Women, it's time to connect.

To yourself.

And to each other.

Connect to sisterhood.

Be heard.



Own who you are, let your voice shine, receive & nurture one another.

What is it?

Weekly online group video calls with an intimate group of ladies.

A space to explore feminine embodiment, and the experience of being a woman in this world. A container to speak your desires, fears, and joys without judgment.


An opportunity to make new connections and friends with a global sisterhood of women. 

Our theme for November is: SEX! Yep - we are going to connect & share about all things sex, sensuality, and more.


Bali time - 5.00pm


Sydney time - 8:00pm


London time - 9:00am 


Athens, Greece - 11:00pm


Queens, New York - 4:00am


Berlin, Germany - 10:00am

Call #1
5th November

Call #2

12th November


19th November

Call #4

26th November

Call #5
3rd December


All calls are the same time. We will meet on zoom, for a video call for 1.5-2 hours.

All calls will be recorded and sent to you for playback if you wish to rewatch, or catch up if you miss a session. 

"I have joined several of Shae's monthly sister circles and I will continue to do so. I have loved being part of the circles as Shae and the other women make you feel so heard and understood, it is a place where you can share vulnerably with no shame or judgment.


I have connected with the girls from all over the world and we have continued to be in contact.


It is an absolute pleasure to be part of this beautiful container and I would recommend every woman who is looking to deeply connect with like-minded women to do so."

- Melanie 


$33 USD for the Month - including meditations & journal prompts for you to keep.


Spaces are limited each month.

Reserve your space for November


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