For women ready to

Claim your sensuality.

Yes, women CAN have it all.

We succeed & achieve, yet over time, something still doesn't feel right.

Do you feel often exhausted?




Unable to stop overthinking?


Struggling with that inner 'control freak?'

When do you take time for yourself?

How is your connection to your body, not just your mind?

Lost your connection to your womanly sensuality? Or want to finally connect with this side that has never felt quite there?

It's time to get her back.

Learn how to embrace feminine sensuality to feel more in your power, more magnetic, and more of WHO YOU REALLY ARE as a woman.




Sensual Nature.

It's your birthright.


As a woman who identifies with a feminine core, sensuality is your innate essence. 

Learn how to get out of the mind, and into your body.

Pink Blossom

Work with me

I'm Shae, and I guide women to claim their sensuality, confidence, own their voice, and embody their feminine energy.


The work I do will lead you into a more full, authentic, vibrant & radiant expression of who you are - deeply connected to your body & your luscious womanly nature.

If you feel:

  • Dull & uninspired

  • Stuck in the 'grind' of your daily life

  • Unsure of how to let go of over-controlling

  • Insecure in yourself & always overthinking

  • Exhausted & overworked

  • Co-dependent in relationships

  • Not connected to your body

Then, like so many women, you are feeling a disconnection to your feminine essence, and separation from your sensuality.

What you will learn in our work will allow you to feel:


Carefree & spontaneous

Vibrant & inspired

Able to speak up for yourself

Trusting in the flow of life, rather than trying to control it

Sensual, beautiful & magnetic

Certain about what is important to you and what you want to crate

Full within yourself, alone & in relationships


A taste of

this work

I'm offering you a Free 30 minute Discovery Session to get a taste of this work.

I'd love to connect with you and explore how you feel a deeper connection to your feminine power can enhance your life.


Lives transformed...

Pink Feathers

"Nothing has ever helped me emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually more than this immersion did. Shae is a kind, generous, positive, intuitive, strong, powerful and wise guide in this world & to be involved in her immersion was a truly evolutionary experience I will take with me forever. Thank you Shae!"

- Lily, Australia

Pink Feathers

"It takes more than words to describe Shae's endless positivity, support, talents, delicacy, perseverance, strength, bubbly energy & her inspiring nature! She embodies the best of both worlds - softness & strength, action & rest, self-care & support. All that deep self-work ripples throughout everything she does"

- Vanessa, Bali.

Pink Feathers

"Firstly, the Retreat with Shae was nothing I could have ever imagined. We dug deep, opened our hearts and some wounds, cried, laughed, danced, created, reconnected with ourselves, collaborated with each other, took silence, played in and with nature, and so much more..."

- Cinta, Australia

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