According to The American Psychological Association, women's reported stress levels are substantially higher than men & every year the gap continues to widen.

This is not about creating a bigger divide between masculine & feminine... this research is simply hinting at something...

That women like you, who have a mission in the world - to create, care, & impact it in some way - are trying to do this with a masculine energy in these high-pressure roles. 

For women in high-pressure, high-performing roles ready to release overcontrolling & overthinking by Claiming your  feminine side. 

We succeed & achieve, yet over time, something still doesn't feel right.

Do you feel often exhausted?




Unable to stop overthinking?


Struggling with that inner 'control freak?'

When was the last time you took time for yourself?

There's another way to create a deep impact in the world, while still feeling the inspiration you once had, that spark of creativity, harmony in your relationships & the excitement for your life again. 

As a woman, you will make the greatest impact & be the most powerful in your life when you are leading from your   feminine side.

It's not about dismissing your masculine side. It's about honoring it, as you harness your feminine gifts of being.

It's time to ignite your full power feminine.

Learn how

Lives transformed...

"Nothing has ever helped me emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually more than this immersion did. Shae is a kind, generous, positive, intuitive, strong, powerful and wise guide in this world & to be involved in her immersion was a truly evolutionary experience I will take with me forever. Thank you Shae!"

- Lily, Australia

"It takes more than words to describe Shae's endless positivity, support, talents, delicacy, perseverance, strength, bubbly energy & her inspiring nature! She embodies the best of both worlds - softness & strength, action & rest, self-care & support. All that deep self-work ripples throughout everything she does"

- Vanessa, Bali.

"Firstly, the Retreat with Shae was nothing I could have ever imagined. We dug deep, opened our hearts and some wounds, cried, laughed, danced, created, reconnected with ourselves, collaborated with each other, took silence, played in and with nature, and so much more..."

- Cinta, Australia

Work with me

I guide women to claim their confidence, own their voice, and embody their feminine energy in a way that supports all that they do in the world. 

If you feel:

  • Dull & uninspired

  • Stuck in the 'grind' of your daily life

  • Plagued with overthinking

  • Unsure of how to let go of over-controlling

  • Insecure in yourself

  • Indecisive & struggling to feel 'certain' about things

  • Exhausted & overworked

  • Co-dependent in relationships

  • Not connected to your body

  • Not expressive in sensuality

Then, like so many women,  you are feeling a disconnection to your feminine essence.

What you will learn in our work will allow you to feel:

Carefree & spontaneous

Vibrant & inspired

Able to speak up for yourself

Trusting in the flow of life, rather than trying to control it

Sensual, beautiful & magnetic

Certain about what is important to you and what you want to crate

Full within yourself, alone & in relationships



A taste of

this work

I'm offering a Free 30 minute Discovery Session to get a taste of this work.

I'd love to connect with you and explore how you feel a deeper connection to your feminine power can enhance your life.


Stay connected with this work.

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