Be seen 

Be heard

be felt fully as who you really are

It's time.

You are more than that.

It's not about becoming a Goddess.

It's about claiming the goddess you already are.

And you are worthy of stepping into that power. You deserve to 

be seen in your wholeness. 

When we claim our feminine, we are claiming life.

No more playing small. 

Time to ignite your full power feminine.

Why this work was created

~The container of our masculine consciousness is what holds the movement of life~

We are life, embodied.
Witnessing itself.
Masculine beholding feminine.
This polarity between energy is in all things.
The duality of life.

At the core, we are all energy in vibration. We are the field of potentiality. We are oneness.

At the earth-dimension, life has entered this plane in duality to experience itself. Oneness, it knows. That is who we are. 


It’s a grand game that life shows up in duality, so that it may live out the mystery. The joy of remembering who it really is.

Without darkness, there would literally not be what we know of as light. Without knowing hardness, we don’t have a concept of soft. The opposite defines its pair. We know joy only because of what is not joy.


Since we are life remembering itself, we sometimes get lost in this duality, in the forgetfulness we think that we are the separation. That we are the fear, not the love. That we are the dark, not the light.

We are life embodied. We are all of it.

In our bodies, our energies of masculine and feminine are the duality. Union is the core. This is why we have our two anatomies of man and woman. Union between these bodies sparks life - literally. 

It is beyond man/woman when we talk about masculine feminine (again, we get lost in those concepts). But it is important to know that we have forgotten the harmony of duality, and started to pit masculine against feminine. In our cultures and societies, we have gone down the path of choosing one mode of being over the other, without even being aware of it.

Claiming Feminine is about waking up. 

It's about understanding these energies within us, and as women, reclaiming our feminine core essence.

Work with me

I work with women in their remembrance of their essential nature - that we are life embodied. That our masculine claims our feminine. That our power is in the dance, and that a vibrant life awaits us when we claim ourselves.


Then we are met with a love like no other - from life, and from others.

But we do not rely on what is outside. We go in.
Then we receive the love that we are mirrored back to us, because we are a match for that vibration.

Claiming Feminine Retreat Bali

April 20-25

September 10-15

Why this is powerful work

It's time. No longer will you wait to be 'claimed' by another to feel whole. 

You need not look outside of yourself for the answers. 

The structures, paths, and expectations of how we should be aren't yours.

You're ready to move past them, into the life you desire. 

Let yourself bathe in the divinity of your delicious nature. 

And learn how to express it.

Claim your feminine. She's right there, inviting you in. 

Listen to my 

podcast interview

with Joni Advent Maher

"Each and every recommendation, tool, strategy, meditation, piece of guidance, etc that I received from Shae added more to my new found realization that I can be peaceful and present and happy again, and that I want to heal. 

I have been lucky enough to be mentored and supported by Shae for nearly 1 year now, and I can honestly say that without her and her teachings I would not be alive today. Let alone have the insights and abilities and peace of mind that I now experience. 

Overall, I cannot speak highly enough of Shae." - Emma

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